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If you are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) then it will be reassuring for you to know that CNA job outlook is extremely positive with the demand for CNAs is rapidly growing and at a rate faster than most other occupations.

In order to pursue training as a CNA you will need to have a high school diploma and have completed a State approved CNA Program. Completing a State approved program will then enable you to site your States Certification Exams.

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Online CNA classes

If you are considering a new career as a Certified Nursing Assistant but are struggling to understand how you will find the time then perhaps the flexibility of an online CNA program could be the solution.

If you are already juggling work commitments and family responsibilities then finding the time for a structured classroom based program can be difficult. Or maybe you live in a more remote location without and schools or classes nearby.

Thankfully there are many excellent online CNA programs which will allow you to get started with your dream of becoming a CNA and still allow you the flexibility to attend to your existing commitments.

Listed below are some of the leading CNA online classes available.

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Important Considerations When Choosing A CNA Program

Important points to consider when selecting a Nursing Assistant School include;

  • Is the School fully approved by your State nursing board?
  • What qualifications and/or work experience (if any) are required to enrol in the course?
  • How long does the program last or how many hours does it take to complete?
  • How much of the course will be classroom based, presented online, lab based and work experience based and how does this fit with your expectations?
  • Does the School have good facilities and resources to support your studies?
  • Does the School offer any financial assistance or scholarships?
  • Does the School offer any assistance with securing employment?

CNA Courses Curriculum

To qualify as a CNA you will need to complete a minimum 75+ hours of learning and training provided by an accredited program.  

A CNA program typically covers a rather wide range of topics and provide a range of skills required to work in a variety of settings including hospitals, physicians offices, nursing homes and private home health care.

Subjects covered can generally be split between anatomy and physiology, and patient care and practical skills.

Anatomy and Physiology Topics

  • Musculoskeletal systems
  • Respiratory systems
  • Digestive system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Urinary and elimination systems

Patient Care and Practical Skills

  • Healthcare and medical terminology
  • Healthcare industry administrative systems and procedures
  • Collection of specimens
  • Bed making
  • Dressing and undressing patients
  • Bathing and skin care
  • Communication skills

Nursing Assistant Degrees and Further Studies