Dental Hygienist Guide

Dental Hygienists are oral health professional who work under the supervision of licensed dentists. Along with teaching patients proper oral hygiene they may also conduct patient assessments, oral inspections and teeth cleanings.

If you are considering a career as a Dental Hygienist then we have all the information you will need. From getting started with choosing the right school, to career and salary expectations. We will guide you through what you need to become a Dental Hygienist and how to select the best schools for you.

Dental Hygienist Career FAQs:

Dental Hygienist Role and Responsibilities

Dental Hygienists work alongside Dentists to help patients develop and maintain good dental care and oral health. Hygienists may often be the first point of care for patients when they visit a dentist.

The hygienist will often begin preparation for dental exams and dentistry work prior to the patient meeting with the dentist. They will observe and record any particular concerns and abnormalities with a patients teeth or gums. They may also remove plaque and other deposits as well as apply fluorides. Some hygienists may also have additional responsibilities including administering local anesthesia in preparation for more invasive dental procedures by the dentist.

Most hygienists will work in private or public dental clinics or dental offices.

Due to the increasing reliance of dentists on their hygienists, employment projections and job prospects for this profession is much greater than average in comparison to other careers. As we are getting older we are keeping our teeth longer and therefore require more regular dental care. Also people are more committed to dental care and achieving a perfect smile nowadays, which also will contribute to this growth.

Key FactsDetail
Educational RequirementsA High School Diploma is a basic requirement for entry into any Dental Hygienist Program
Average Annual Salary$72,720
Average Salary Range $44,400 to $98,530 (depending on experience and location)
Number in Employment (2016)204,280
Employment OutlookExcellent
Work EnvironmentsDental Offices, Physicians Offices, Outpatient Clinics
Related CareersDental Assistant

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