Dental Hygiene Schools In Ohio

Top Dental Hygiene Schools Ohio

If you wish to become a Dental Hygienist in Ohio it is a requirement that you have graduated from an accredited Dental Hygiene School.

Listed below are some of the top Dental Hygiene Schools and related programs near you.

Area Number Employed Hourly Wage Salary
Akron, OH 510 $32.50 $67,600.00
Canton-Massillon, OH 190 $29.67 $61,720.00
Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN 1740 $34.14 $71,010.00
Cleveland-Elyria, OH 1410 $30.87 $64,210.00
Columbus, OH 1280 $34.60 $71,970.00
Dayton, OH 510 $34.00 $70,720.00
Lima, OH 120 $28.49 $59,250.00
Mansfield, OH 80 $32.05 $66,670.00
Springfield, OH 70 $32.33 $67,240.00
Toledo, OH 520 $30.78 $64,020.00
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA 240 $27.52 $57,240.00
West Northwestern Ohio nonmetropolitan area 210 $28.18 $58,620.00
North Northeastern Ohio nonmetropolitan area 380 $29.25 $60,830.00
Eastern Ohio nonmetropolitan area 220 $29.59 $61,550.00
Southern Ohio nonmetropolitan area 230 $29.29 $60,920.00

Choosing a Dental Hygienist Program: Important Considerations

Take the first step and request information from Schools and Colleges in your preferred area. Simply enter your preferences and contact information in the search box to the right or select from the School options presented above to receive program and admissions information. It’s fast and easy!

Important points to consider when selecting a Dental Hygiene School include;

  • Is the School fully accredited?
  • What percentage of students who graduate are successful in securing their license to practice as a Dental Hygienist in Ohio or their chosen State?
  • How long does the program last or take to complete?
  • How much of the course will be classroom based, online, lab based and work experience based and how does this fit with your expectations?
  • Does the School have good laboratory facilities and other resources to support your studies?
  • Does the School offer any financial assistance or scholarships?
  • Does the School offer any assistance with securing employment?

Ohio Dental Hygienist License Requirements

Once you have graduated from an accredited program it is required by Ohio law that you obtain a license to work as a Dental Hygienist there. The Ohio State Dental Board governs the licensing of Dental Hygienists in Ohio. You can contact the Board directly using the contact details below:

Phone: (614) 466-2580
Email: Mr.

Dental Hygienist Salary in Ohio

Key Figures For Dental Hygienist Working in Ohio

The average Dental Hygienist salary in Ohio is $66,910. This represents an hourly wage of $32.17. Dental Hygienists in Ohio earn 8% less than the national average. Those in Washington DC earn the most of all Dental Hygienists in the USA with an average salary of $98,530.

In 2015 there where 7,510 persons employed as Dental Hygienists in the State.

The table below illustrates key data for the main cities and metropolitan areas in Ohio;

AreaNumber EmployedSalary
Akron, OH510$67,600.00
Canton-Massillon, OH190$61,720.00
Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN1740$71,010.00
Cleveland-Elyria, OH1410$64,210.00
Columbus, OH1280$71,970.00
Dayton, OH510$70,720.00
Lima, OH120$59,250.00
Mansfield, OH80$66,670.00
Springfield, OH70$67,240.00
Toledo, OH520$64,020.00
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA240$57,240.00
West Northwestern Ohio nonmetropolitan area210$58,620.00
North Northeastern Ohio nonmetropolitan area380$60,830.00
Eastern Ohio nonmetropolitan area220$61,550.00
Southern Ohio nonmetropolitan area230$60,920.00

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If a career as a Dental Hygienist strongly appeals then you will be happy to know that Dental Hygiene salaries are among some of the highest in the healthcare industry. There also continues to be strong job growth in the sector with an additional 30,000 positions projected to be created between 2016 and 2024 representing an almost 15% increase in employment.

Related Healthcare Careers

The table below compares key data for Dental Hygienists with other entry level healthcare and healthcare assisting roles in Ohio;

CareerNumber EmployedSalary
Dental Hygienists7510$66,910.00
Physician Assistants2750$104,920.00
Respiratory Therapists5860$53,720.00
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers2230$62,830.00
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics10570$31,000.00
Pharmacy Technicians15120$28,470.00
Surgical Technologists3830$41,040.00
Veterinary Technologists and Technicians3370$34,180.00
Home Health Aides65010$20,980.00
Nursing Assistants67900$25,150.00
Occupational Therapy Assistants2860$57,570.00
Physical Therapist Assistants5640$56,700.00
Massage Therapists2080$35,770.00
Dental Assistants10460$36,630.00
Medical Assistants21520$29,240.00
Medical Transcriptionists2100$33,470.00



Ohio is a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Ohio is the 34th largest by area, the 7th most populous, and the 10th most densely populated of the 50 United States.
Area: 44,825 sq mi
Population: 11,658,609
Weather: -273.15°C, Wind at 0 km/h, % Humidity