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“At Florida Career College, we encourage our students to achieve their highest potential. We understand that each student learns and grows at their own pace. Our goal is to successfully prepare you for new career opportunities. We are the college that cares.”

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Florida Career College

One thing I notice about schools I’m looking up is the divide between the reviews left by students and the reviews left by staff. I mentioned in another article that I use a site called Grad Reports for student reviews, and the site I use for employee reviews is Glass Door. Many times, I’ll see that the students and the employees paint a completely different picture.

For example, the last college I reviewed had the students saying it wasn’t that great at all, but then on Glass Door, all the employees seemed to love working there. You have to remember though, sometimes these schools are set up to be more of a business than a school. So now I’m off to look at Florida Career College reviews.

It appears that this college was purchased by another entity not too long ago. As for the student reviews, 25 percent actually recommend the school and 18 percent say that their career improved upon graduation. This is the standard for these types of schools it seems, give or take a few percentage points. I have seen higher numbers of course for some, but that’s about average.

The school overall is rated 3 out of 5 stars, which is also average. These schools all offer different degree programs, but they seem to provide the same results when it comes to satisfaction. There are some worse than others, and then there are the few rare exceptions. I did review one school while ago that seemed to really shine.

So what do students have to say about FCC? One student review for Florida Career College stated that the school isn’t regionally accredited. Another student did leave a five star review that was riddled with grammatical errors. Overall, I’d steer clear of this one.