Medical Coding and Billing Salaries

Updated April 2018 to allow for the recently released Bureau of Labor Statistics data from May 2017.

Please note: The BLS classifies those working as Medical Billers and Coders as ‘Medical Records and Health Information Technician’.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Average Salary$42,820
Mean Hourly Wage$20.59
Top 10% of Earners$64,610
Bottom 10% of Earners$25,810
Top Paying State: New Jersey$58,080
Bottom Paying State: Mississippi$33,320

The average salary in the USA for those working in Medical Billing and Coding is $42,820. 

Salary levels can range quite significantly depending on where you live and level of experience:

  • Average range across States: From a low of $33,320 in Mississippi to a high of $58,080 in New Jersey. This represents a variance of almost $25,000 in potential annual income dependent upon where you live – even taking into consideration cost of living adjustments.
  • Average range across Metro Areas: From a low of $20,500 in Anniston-Oxford-Jacksonville in Alabama to a high of $66,690 in the Metro area of San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara in California.
  • Top earners to bottom earners: The bottom 10% of those working in Medical Billing and Coding earned an average of $25,810, whilst the top 10% earned an average of $64,610.
  • The highest earners overall in the industry are those in Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island in Florida where the top 10% of earners there have an average salary of $139,470.
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Medical Billing and Coding Salaries by State

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Top 5 States for Medical Billing & Coding

StateSalaryAbove AverageHourly WageTop 10% Bottom 10%
New Jersey$58,08035.6%$27.92$81,830$34,570
Washington DC$50,07016.9%$24.07$78,130$26,000

Top Paying City and Metro Areas

Metro AreaSalaryHourly PayTop 10%Bottom 10%Employed
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA$66,690$32.06$103,450$35,8201,090
Newark, NJ$59,170$28.45$80,920$36,800670
Salinas, CA$58,950$28.34$96,680$33,770170
Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, FL$58,370$28.06$139,470$28,20070
Trenton, NJ$56,280$27.06$78,970$42,06060

Salary Comparison with Related Healthcare Careers

Those working in this career earn salaries at least 15% greater than those in similar careers in the healthcare industry.

 SalaryHourly PayTop 10%Bottom 10%# Employed
Medical Billing and Coding$42,820$20.59$58,080$33,320204,220
Medical Secretary$35,870$17.25$50,340$24,240576,520
Medical Transcriptionist$36,400$17.50$51,410$21,67055,880