Entry Level Healthcare Careers

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Group of Medical AssistantsCertified Medical Assistant

What does a CMA do? Both office and clinical work to help the facilities run smoothly. Assisting with doctors, chiropractors and pretty well anyone else in the health care field. CMAs will do things like take patient history, help with examinations, give injections, schedule appointments and prepare blood and other fluids for lab tests. Earn $23,000-$32,000 a year and don’t need much more education than high school, lots of job training. 

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Physical Therapy Assistantphysical therapy assistants at awork

Works with physiotherapist to help patients improve their mobility after an injury or illness or simply to help seniors maintain their motions. Physical therapy assistants always do tasks alongside physiotherapists in a variety of office environments or hospitals. Physical therapy aids do things like report in patient status, help them do exercises, and may clean and maintain their treatment areas. PTA make between $43,00 and $51,000 and require some post secondary education.

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Dentist Examining Little Boys TeethDental Assisting

Does tasks alongside dentists to help patients. They can do a wide range of things depending on the size of the dental office and on where the office is. Some do little more than prepare patients for the dentist (getting them into their chair, preparing instruments) while other dental assistants will go as far as doing the cleaning and polishing of teeth. Some aid also do the record keeping and other office duties. It’s a fast growing job field with a relatively simple education path and pays relatively well (about $44,000/year).

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Getting a MassageMassage Therapists

Massage therapists conduct a variety of massages using different techniques, oils, and comforting settings in order to help people manage and ease pain. Massage therapists often conduct treatments alongside things like physiotherapy and other treatment plans to help a wide range of people. And many massage therapists don’t have positions in places like clinics at all; they are also found in many spas and even for private clients. Massage therapists make, on average, about $40,000/year, though ones who work for private clients may make more or less. They do require a post-secondary education in order to know the major types of massage.

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medical_billing_and_codingMedical Billing/Coding

Coders categorize information for the purposes of insurance, payments and history while billers actually handle the money end of things, making sure that everyone pays up properly and all of the bills are handled. Can done from home! This job does require a post-secondary award related to the field (medical billing/coding degree) and they can make around $26,280 to $43,410 a year.

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medical secretaryMedical Secretary

Do clerical and organizational tasks in the office. They do things like job files, make messages, schedule appointments and support the other staff. Found in pretty well ever medical office imaginable and some can even work from a home office! They make about $31,000 and up to $36,700 (dental secretary) a year and only require a high school diploma, though there will be on the job training as well.

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Medical transcriptionistsMedical Transcriptionist

Take the audio recordings from doctors, nurses and surgeons and transcribe them into well written records for use later on by patients and physicians. They translate the medical mumbo-jumbo and abbreviations into something legible to the average layman. Transcription can be done from home with ease, so it’s a great job for those who like to work from home. They can make about $38,000 a year.

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occupational therapyOccupational Therapy Assistant

Help with occupational therapists to treat patients suffering from illnesses, disabilities and/or injuries by getting them to do everyday activities and learn (or re-learn) how to be more self-sufficient. They often do things like help patients do stretches, work with children, use devices to make things like eating easier and help clients with billing and treatment areas. OTA’s make about $38,679 a year and they need an associate’s degree in order to work plus licensing.

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home health aideHome Health Aide

Work with people who are chronically ill, disabled, or are mentally impaired as well as seniors who need the extra help. Aides may help with things like bathing and dressing, housekeeping (light), giving medication and checking vital signs. Most are in small group homes, large homes or even private homes. They can make about $20,000 a year, but some will make more if they do their job privately. They don’t need much for education, but there is on the job training.

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Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienists are important components of the dental care team. They deal directly with patients to help them achieve good oral health. Dental Hygienists clean and polish teeth, and take x rays and molds. Working as a Dental Hygienist you will meet many people during your working day. As well as integrating with coworkers in a dental clinic or hospital setting you could deal with up to 8 or 10 clients a day. Dental Hygienists can often work between several Dental practices as many practices only require a hygienist to work part time. You will need to be socialable, have good interpersonal skill and be a good communicator.

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Pharmacy Technician

A Pharmacy Technician supports Pharmacists, helps manage inventory and records, prepare medications, fill prescriptions, and often interact with patients. Technicians are responsible for completing sensitive work independently. They need a high degree of training on drug effects and interaction. Some technicians work in hospitals, where they serve as the vital link between pharmacists and caregivers like doctors and nurses. More commonly technicians can work in retail or outpatient work.

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Respiratory Therapist

A Respiratory Therapist works with patients with breathing problems – often in the intensive care or emergency department of hospitals. Respiratory therapists are also responsible for ensuring patients know how to use any particular brathing apparatus’ or aids which have been assigned to them. They must also keep accurate records regarding prescribed treatments for patients and progress or otherwise being made.

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Surgical Technologist

Surgical techs are important members of the operating room team. They work closely with the Surgeon delivering important support and assistance. They ensure that the operating room is prepared as required and that all necessary equipment is prepped and at hand. Other tasks and duties include checking a patients medical charts and consent forms and preparing sterile dressings.

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Emergency Medical Technician

First on the scene in any medical emergency situation or accident EMTs or Paramedics provide essential, often life saving care to patients and assist in their safe transfer to the nearest emergency room. EMTs work in highly stressful situations but the work can be extremely rewarding.
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Ultrasound Technician / Sonographer

Ultrasound Technicians or Sonographers play a very important role in examining and diagnosing a range of medical conditions. They deal not just with babies in the womb but alsow newborns, children, adult, and elderly patients. As an Ultrasound Tech you will have the opportunity to develop experience in one of several specialities including cardiac, OB/GYN, ophthalmic, vascular, abdominal, and breast care.

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Physician’s Assistant

The tasks and duties of a Physician’s Assistant can be quite similar to that of a doctor except that a Physician’s Assistant (PA) workis under the direct supervision of a Physician or Surgeon. They may assist in the diagnosis and treatment of illness, perform physical examinations and order further tests, develop treatment plans, write prescriptions, assist in surgery and make rounds in hospitals.

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X Ray Technician

An X Ray Tech is responsible for taking images of various body parts and ensuring the safety of all persons in the X Ray environment and when working with raiation. After a technician has taken these images they will present them to a radiologist who will use them to diagnose a patient’s medical condition. As an X Ray Technician you will have the opportunity to work with incredibly advanced equipment as well as directly with patients.

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Anesthesiologist Assistant

Anesthesiologist Assistants operate anesthesia equipment and provide direct patient care before, during and after the administering of anesthesia to ensure the patients well being.
Anesthesiologist Assistants work directly under the supervision of a Medical Anesthesiologist, typically in a hospital environment. They will also be tasked with performing certain administrative tasks such as collecting and updating patient data.

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Dialysis Technician

Dialysis Technicians typically work in a hospital or clinic environment. They work alongside a Physician or senior medical professional to help administer dialysis to patients suffering from kidney failure. The Dialysis Tech will usually ensure that all equipment is maintained and operating correctly, prep patients for treatment, administer anesthesia, monitor patients during treatment and update patient record as required.

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Veterinary Technician

Under the direct supervison of a Veterinarian, Veterinary Technicians (Vet Techs) provide direct

care for animals ensuring they are as comfortable as possible during medical procedures. The role and duties involves many aspects of healthcare including taking x rays, phlebotomy, administering anesthesia and medication, preparing animals for surgery, monitoring and reporting on progress and liasing with pet owners regarding ongoing care.

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Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technicians (PCT’s) assist doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in providing direct care for patients and attending each patients individual healthcare and medical needs. As such it is important that the PCT has a wide range of medical and personal skills to adapt to the varying requirements of the role on a daily basis. For example a PCT will check blood pressure and pulse, assist in bathing and dressing patients and help in the transport of patients.

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Phlebotomy Technician

A Phlebotomy Technician is responsible for taking blood samples from patients and preparing those samples for the laboratory. As many patients, and particularly children, can become quite anxious at the prospect of having to give a blood sample it is important that you establish trust with patients. It is important that you have the interpersonal skills to make patients relaxed and secure in your care.

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