Respiratory Therapy Salary

Average Respiratory Therapist Salary

Average salary for Respiratory Therapists in 2015 $59,640
Hourly wage for Respiratory Therapists $28.67
Top 10% of Earners $80,440
Bottom 10% of Earners $41,970

The average annual wage for Respiratory Therapists in 2015 was $44,529. This represents an increase of almost 10% in the 5 year period from 2010.

Respiratory Therapy Starter Salary

The typical entry level salary for a Respiratory Therapy Technician is $35,681 according to the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center, June 2015.

Salary Range

With some experience the salary level increases to $47,479. The most experienced Respiratory Therapists can earn up to $53,379 on average.

Allowing for cost of living adjustments, Respiratory Therapists in Nevada earned the highest average annual salary in 2015 at $66,772. With those in Washington earning $59,428 and California earning $57,961.

The States with the lowest earning potential for Respiratory Therapists include Georgia ($37,889), Virginia ($38,718) and Kentucky ($39,428).

Jobs Growth

Employment figures for Respiratory Therapy Technicians has dropped significantly since 2000, from 28,230 people being employed in the role, to just 8,753 in 2015.