Going to College to Become a CNA

cnaThere are actually several ways that a person can take to become a certified nursing assistant. You can go for the old fashioned hands on approach where you learn as you do. You can get your education online and enjoy greater flexibility and lower costs. And of course, there is giving the old college try! Going to college has a few advantages and is well worth looking at.

A Structured Setting

Structure is very appealing to many students. Knowing exactly when to go to class, what times to go and having set things to do in class are all great ways to stay focused. The certification exam and practicum is usually set up for you so you don’t have to worry about that either. And you can meet other students who may become friends, allies, and networking opportunities.

Relevant Content

Unfortunately, many online courses are not up to date on the latest laws, ethics and medical work because the designers of these courses are not necessarily going to be skilled in such things. If you do your education through a college, you are far more likely to get completely up to date and relevant content to learn from. You will also be kept notified of any changes made to the field that would be necessary to know for work.

It’s undervalued, but the reality is that networking and the social aspect of any education-including CNA-is important. Obviously if you work online, you will be going at it alone and that can make it harder. Your fellow students can help you study for the exam, help you understand your notes, and everyone will provide a support structure for each other when it comes to working. The instructor, likely being a former or current CNA, is also an invaluable resource since he or she can impart knowledge of what it’s like working as a CNA. The networking aspect helps make your education a bit smoother and more realistic and that is truly invaluable.

Going to college to become a certified nursing assistant is a good way to go if you prefer something more structured, sociable and you have a mistrust of online courses. Ask at your local community college about CNA courses and how you can learn to work in a hospital or clinic.


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