Veterinary Technician Salary

Average Vet Tech Salary


Average salary for Veterinary Technicians in 2015 $33,280
Hourly wage for Veterinary Technicians $16.00
90th Percentile of Earners $47,410
10th Percentile of Earners $21,890


If you are interested in becoming a Veterinary Technician then you will be pleased to know that both salary and employment levels for Vet Tech’s has been increasing steadily. In fact Vet Techs now earn 46% more than they did in 2000 and demand for Vet Techs has increased by a massive 94%.

And the good news is this trend is set to continue with the Bureau for Labor Studies predicting that employment of Veterinary Technicians will increase by 14,330 between 2016 and 2024.

The image below illustrates key salary and employment data for Vet Techs in the USA;Key facts on Vet Tech Salary and Employemnt

Salary Growth & Range

As illustrated in the graph below salary levels have grown significantly since 2000. And whilst salaries have continued to grow between 2010 and 2015 a slight decrease in the pace of growth is evident.


Income potential is particularly influenced by where you live and work – from a low of $26,210 in West Virginia to a high of $42,090 in Alaska.

The range is more significant when you examine the data at a Metro or City level.  Vet Techs working in Southeast Alabama earn an average salary of only $18,030 while those in Boston earn $47,300 representing a difference of almost $30,000 per annum between the two localities.

Top paying States for Veterinary Technicians

The table below illustrates the States in which Vet Techs can earn the most – taking into consideration cost of living adjustments for each State. A full list of salaries for all States is provided at the bottom of this page.

StateSalaryAbove Verage
New York$40,81022.6%
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Vet Tech Salaries by State

Browse the map below to find out how much do Vet Techs make in your area;

Salary comparison with related Healthcare Careers

In the graph below we compare salary levels for Veterinary Technicians with salaries for similar careers in the healthcare industry. The graph shows data for the lower 10% of earners, the average salary for the career, and salary levels for the top 10% of earners in the career. As you can see Vet Techs fall somewhere in the median of income potential of all comparable careers.


Vet Tech Jobs & Employment Outlook

The outlook for jobs growth and opportunity for those who qualify as Veterinary Technicians is incredibly favorable. The data, taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, predicts that between 2016 and 2024 there will be 14,330 new positions created in the sector representing an increase of 14.7% in employment.


In summary, as a Vet Tech you can expect average salary levels but excellent employment prospects. As a Vet Tech you will have the opportunity to develop a wide variety of healthcare skills, more so than in any other healthcare role. For the right person it could be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable path to choose.