X Ray Technician Salary

The information in this section is largely taken from the data provided by the Bureau of Labor Studies on Radiologic Technologists. Throughout this section the term X Ray Tech will be used instead of Radiologic Technologist to generally represent the career.

Average X Ray Tech Salary


Average salary $58,520
Hourly wage $28.13
Top 10% of Earners $81,660
Bottom 10% of Earners $38,110


According to the most recent Bureau for Labor Studies (BLS) the  average salary for X Ray Technicians in 2015 was $58,520. This equates to an average hourly wage of $28.13 and is substantially higher than many other healthcare assisting and healthcare support roles.  X Ray Techs in California earn the most at $76,070. In fact the highest number of X Ray Techs are also employed in California with 16,540 X Ray Technicians working there.

The BLS also predicts that there will be a 9% increase in the number of positions available in the sector by 2024 resulting in the creating of an additional 17,200 jobs.

radiology technician salary 2017

X Ray Tech Salary Range

  • There is quite a significant range in salary levels for X Ray Technicians – depending on where you live and your level of experience.
  • Those living in Puerto Rico earn the least  at just $26,690 per annum. The second lowest paying State is West Virginia at $46,100.
  • The highest paying State for X Ray Techs is California at $76,070.
  • The highest reported salary for X Ray Techs overall was in the Northeast Oklahoma metro area where X Ray Techs earn an average salary of $99,820 – a massive 70.5% above the national average.
  • Overall for the career the average of the lower 10% of salaries was just $38,110 whilst the average of the top 10% was $81,660.

Top 5 States For X Ray Techs

The table below illustrates the States in which X Ray Techs earn the most – taking into consideration cost of living adjustments for each State. for all States.

StateSalaryAbove Average
District of Columbia$74,910.0028.01%

How much does an X Ray Tech make in your State?

How much do X Ray Techs make in your area? Browse the map below to view X Ray Tech salaries by State;


Salary for X Ray Techs compared to similar careers

How much do X Ray Technicians make by comparison to similar careers in healthcare? The diagram compares the average xray tech salary with salaries for similar careers in the healthcare industry. Whilst X Ray Techs earn above average by comparison to most healthcare careers as you can see in the diagram they earn slightly less overall when compared with the salaries for Ultrasound Technicians and MRI Technologists.

xray tech salary comparison